Stephanie Ninneman, RN

Stephanie Ninneman, RN


Stephanie has been injecting exclusively since 2015. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience as an aesthetic clinic nurse and cosmetic injector where she was trained within a plastic surgery setting. Her knowledge of facial anatomy and aesthetic medicine, coupled with a passion for the art of aging gracefully through facial rejuvenation, is evident in the great detail she takes with each patient. Her patients often refer to her as an “artist”. Her lip augmentation expertise is known within our community and is one of her most popular services. Stephanie feels extremely grateful for the opportunity to make people feel better about themselves through subtle facial enhancement.

Even the most needle shy patients feel confident and comfortable in Stephanie’s hands. Her signature saying during injection treatments, “small poke” is true, as the common consensus among her patients is that she has an extremely light touch and warming personality.

Locations: Gig Harbor & University Place

Stephanie Ninneman - Aesthetic Injector - LISSÈ Medical Aesthetics



Dermal Fillers

Achieve natural-looking results that add volume and smoothing to cheeks, under eye, temples, chins, jawline, lips and hands.



Gradually replace lost collagen with this FDA-approved injectable for results that can last up to two years.


PRP Injections

Achieve a youthful glow with platelet-rich plasma procedures that stimulate the production of collagen and new blood flow.



Permanently destroy fat cells in the chin area and get rid of your double chin for good.


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