Katrina Flowers-Piercy, PA-C, MCHS

Katrina Flowers-Piercy, PA-C, MCHS


Katrina is our expert aesthetic injector and owner here at LISSÈ. She is a graduate of Pacific Lutheran University where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and became an RN. After working in a busy local trauma center/emergency department for several years, she then went to graduate school at the University of Washington School of Medicine, earned her Masters degree in Clinical Health Sciences and became a Physician Assistant. She returned to the emergency department, and then took a position in Trauma/Acute Care Surgery and developed immeasurable skills in emergency and surgical medicine/critical care. She found a passion in medical aesthetics during a plastic surgery rotation at the University of Washington and furthered her education by becoming a member of The American Academy of Facial Esthetics (AAFE) where she took their basic and advanced courses for injecting Botox and Fillers.

During her time on the trauma surgery team she had the opportunity to first assist the trauma/facial plastic surgeon and get excellent facial anatomy experience. She started her concierge aesthetic injectable business “Lisse Aesthetics & Therapeutics” in 2013 and modeled her practice after a very successful clinic she trained at in New York City. Her business and clientele rapidly grew from there, solely by client referrals.

She specializes in enhancing natural beauty, slowing the aging process, and educating patients. Your face is her billboard, and her goal is to make every client love themselves inside and out. Her vision for LISSÈ Medical Aesthetics is to have the most elite and top providers in the region, at one location, providing a wide array of health, wellness, and beauty treatments for all.

Locations: Gig Harbor

Katrina Flowers-Piercy - Owner and Aesthetic Injector - LISSÈ Medical Aesthetics



Dermal Fillers

Achieve natural-looking results that add volume and smoothing to cheeks, under eye, temples, chins, jawline, lips and hands.



Gradually replace lost collagen with this FDA-approved injectable for results that can last up to two years.


PRP Injections

Achieve a youthful glow with platelet-rich plasma procedures that stimulate the production of collagen and new blood flow.



Permanently destroy fat cells in the chin area and get rid of your double chin for good.



Improve skin appearance with this deep, fractional radio frequency treatment that delivers exceptional skin tightening, fat remodeling and stimulates collagen production.


Your first step to achieving clear, beautiful and balanced skin. Everyone benefits from a customized skin care plan, whether or not you’re experiencing skin challenges.

Book a private session with our aesthetician for a detailed skin examination, product and service recommendations, a custom skin care plan, nutritional advice and more.

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